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We are an online training school providing quality certifications, trainings and character education to fresh graduates & professionals. We make you industry ready.

What We're All About

We make you Future ready..!!

We are an online training school providing high-quality certifications, training, and character education to fresh graduates & professionals and we aim to deliver the right, relevant, and required training to our students which makes them comfortable in their respective roles.

We make you Future ready..!!

Dear Aspirant,

I welcome you on behalf of Smiley Management thank you for showing your interest in us.

By joining Smiley Management, where “Education for All” is our guiding principle which is reflected in every activity of the Institute.

Our mission at Smiley Management is to provide a safe, secure environment in which every student will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become accomplished, productive members of the ever-changing, global community.

Our Management is a very dedicated group of individuals who continue to focus on providing the best possible road map for our students to achieve their academic goals.

We understand the importance of student’s involvement in their learning activities for greater academic achievement.

Once again, welcome to the Smiley Management family and welcome to our community of shared principles and values. Wish you happy, healthy, and fruitful time ahead.

Looking forward to welcome you to the Institute.

Rohan Nanda
Founder, Smiley Management
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Our vision is to give a protected, secure platform in which each student will procure the abilities and information to become skilled, and productive for the steadily changing, global community.

Nowadays, organizations favour someone who can join as a “fitting and play” device in to their ecosytem and leaves the up-skilling in your grip.

Whether you are a graduate – looking for some direction to kick-start your career or a professional – who wants to jump up the ladder, Smiley Management is what you need.

We aim to provide right, relevant and required trainings and certifications to our students which makes them comfortable in their roles and they start contributing like a Pro.

Hybrid Learning Model

FREE Education Consultancy & Comparison from Top Class Universities

Learn at Your Own Pace

FREE time slot for 2 hour session at Center will save your investment & internet cost

Professional Certification

Enjoy Study atmosphere with full amenities at center

Student Scholarship

Scholarship or lucrative discount from the center for all eligible students

Top Courses Offered

FREE One additional course from available 300+ courses complimentary to gain skill advantage

Professional Counsellors

FREE Career Counseling for all students in the final semester for better future Planning

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